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euro screed

Euro Screed  

euro screed

euro screed

  • Fast, efficient, economical way to accurately screed concrete
  • Fully adjustable handles to obtain maximum operator comfort, trigger throttle
  • The combination of High Frequency Vibration working with curved blade disperses and rolls back concrete for a perfect level everytime
  • Vibration brings fine material to the surface ready for finishing or texturing
  • Durable vertical drive system with clutch for gentle power take up. No flexible shafts to break.
  • CE
  • Light enough to use without concrete roadforms
  • Blades interchangeable with other leading make units.


Size Weight
1.2 m 2.9 Kg
1.8 m 4.4 Kg
2.4 m 5.8 Kg
3.0 m 7.3 Kg
3.7 m 8.7 Kg
4.5 m 10.2 Kg
4.9 m 11.6 Kg
Engine Honda GX35
1.3 HP , 4 stroke
(without blade)
12.7 Kg
Sound Power 50 Dba
<9 m/s sq

Hand Screed  

hand screed
  • Lightweight Aluminium Construction
  • Used as a screed, float, checkrod.
  • Dual shape edges. Sharp edge for cutting, round edge for floating concrete
  • Clamp Handle easily removed to fit to reverse side of screed for double screed life
  • Level bubble fitted to centre of handle


1200 mm

1500 mm

1800 mm

2100 mm

2400 mm

2700 mm

3000 mm

3600 mm

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